The ScoutSmarts Master List

Hey there, future Eagle Scout! Are you ready to take charge of your Scouting journey?

On this page, I’ve grouped all of my best articles to help support you through whatever stage of Scouting you’re at! Welcome to the ScoutSmarts Master List. Are you trying to plan awesome troop activities, earn merit badges, or coordinate your Eagle project? Here, you can find all of that covered and more! 🙂

Here’s a quick table of contents that’ll let you quickly jump to the section most relevant to you:

However, I’d highly recommend skimming through each topic title, and reading/bookmarking everything that interests you. As an Eagle Scout myself, I’ve found that one of the best ways to make the most of your time in Scouting is to be prepared, beforehand — and share what you’ve learned with your troop!

To kick things off, let’s first dive into the key things that any new Scout or Scouting family should know when starting out:

Part 1: Getting Started In Scouting

When Joining Scouting (What To Know)

In the above video, I discuss the 5 key benefits that any Scout can look forward to on their trail to Eagle. If you need any motivation to embark on an amazing Scouting journey, this is it! Below are some other super-helpful articles that should clear up any confusion for new Scouts just beginning their adventure.

Last but not least, below I have a video on the 5 lessons I wish I had learned before becoming a Scout. If you put these tips into practice, I’m confident that you’ll have an even smoother and more fun-filled experience in Scouting. Be sure to check it out!

Having A Great Outing

Outings like camps, hikes, and backpacking treks are some of the most memorable parts of Scouting! In these articles, you’ll learn everything necessary to have a fun and safe time. Whether it’s gear, cooking techniques, or camp setup, I’ve got you covered. 🙂

Moving on, here are my best resources aimed at empowering you to help your troop run more smoothly! Whether you’re planning meeting activities, trying to recruit more Scouts, or trying to get the new families in your troop up to speed, these articles are here to help. 🙂

Also, below I’ve added a video detailing the 5 things I think every Scouting parent should know once their child becomes a BSA Scout (especially if they were previously in Cub Scouts). Setting accurate expectations for parents is so important for a Scout’s success, so try to communicate proactively!

Scouting Fun

In this section, you’ll find all of my best miscellaneous articles that’ll help to boost your Scouting knowledge (and enjoyment)! Do you want to learn hilarious Scout jokes, discover the best way to attach a patch, or understand Scouting’s rich history? You can find all that and more right here!

Next, in the fun video below, you can check out my difficulty rankings for each Eagle-required merit badge (except Citizenship in Society, but that’s around C-tier difficulty). Afterward, I’ll be helping you out will all of my best resources for ranking up, completing merit badges, and stepping up as a leader!

Part 2: Advancing In Scouting

My TrailMap To Eagle Course

Before we dive into my best articles aimed at helping you to learn and advance along your Scouting journey, I wanted to quickly tell you about the TrailMap To Eagle course. In it, you’ll learn my ultimate system for quickly and easily ranking up to Eagle, stress-free! To learn more, check out my video below!

While my TrailMap To Eagle course isn’t free like all of my other articles here, I’m confident that the invaluable lessons covered there will put you on the fast track to earning Eagle! If you’d like to check it out (and support the work I’m doing here along the way!), you can purchase my course here. 🙂

Scouting Skills And Safety Chips

Next up, we have articles on Scouting skills and safety chips. Pay extra close attention to these resources! By mastering these skills and internalizing the safety lessons you’ll learn along the way, you’re preparing yourself for almost any Scouting adventure. This is where the real fun begins! 😀

Ranking up and earning merit badges will be your road to personal growth (and earning Eagle) in Scouting. These resources are aimed at helping you along the path! I’d especially recommend checking out my ultimate guides, as they walk you through learning tricky requirements in step-by-step detail!

Stepping Up As A Leader

Leadership Is one of the most important real-life skills that you’ll learn in Scouting. By becoming a dependable, smart, and confident leader, you’ll help each Scout in your troop to safely have wonderful Scouting experiences! Make sure to check out these resources to learn my best Scout leadership tips.

Part 3: Earning Eagle

Once you’ve reached First Class rank and gotten a handle on earning merit badges, you’re officially a very experienced Scout. Don’t take your foot off the gas just yet though — the fun is just beginning! In this section, you’ll learn how to keep advancing, plan your Eagle Scout service project, and finish strong. 😀

Personally, the journey between First Class to Life rank was one of my favorite parts of Scouting! As you keep advancing, make sure to remain enthusiastic and enjoy the ride. Also, you truly are an “older Scout” now, so you have the power to change your troop for the better. Definitely make the most of this time!

Planning and running an impact-oriented Eagle Scout service project will be the culmination of your entire Scouting experience! Years later, I still vividly remember my own Eagle project, and I’m sure you’ll remember yours as well. Plus, once finished, you’ll be soooo close to claiming your Eagle Scout rank!

You’ve done it! At this point, all of your hard work will pay off. You’ve finally reached the Eagle rank and are now an Eagle Scout — for life! Now, all that’s left is to plan your Eagle Court of Honor and pay it forward, having become a much more capable, moral person thanks to all the lessons you learned in Scouting. 😀


As a Scout, I always dreamt of a resource that would help me through every step of my Scouting journey. Sort of like a virtual older Scout buddy, it’d have walkthroughs on tricky requirements, insider Scouting tips, and inspirational content that would help my troop stay motivated on their paths to Eagle.

Just shy of 3 years ago, went from just a hopeful idea to an actual website! Since then, I’ve had the honor to connect with so many Scouts, Scouters, and Scouting families to hear their stories. I feel so blessed to have created this resource, and helped not only you and the current Scouting community, but also future generations of Scouts to come! I can’t thank you enough for joining me on this incredible journey.

There you have it! I hope my master list of articles can help you time and time again throughout your time in Scouts BSA, as Scouting truly does change lives for the better. Thanks so much for reading, as well as for all the good you’ve done and will do for our world. Until next time, I’m wishing you all the best on your upcoming Scouting (and life!) journeys. 🙂

Yours in Scouting,