Skits For Scouting: 7 Simple And Fun Troop/Pack Comedy Skits

Skits were one of my favorite parts of Scouting! Whether they were performed around a fire after a long day of camping, or prior to a court of honor, skits were always an awesome opportunity to get every Scout smiling and engaged.

Plus, I can personally attest that acting in skits will help Scouts to improve their public speaking skills. It definitely helped me! There’s no better feeling than nervously delivering a punchline and then watching your audience roar with laughter!

(If you’re looking for other fun troop activities to do, I’d highly recommend checking out my article on 5 awesome activities you troop can do at your next camp/meeting!)

Now, if you’re interested in learning some simple, witty, and hilarious skits for Scouting, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, I’m going to give you 7 of my all-time-favorite skits, all of which are age-appropriate for Scouts and Cub Scouts alike!

#1: The Clean Socks Skit

The Clean Sock Skit is a must-do for any patrol looking to deliver a hilarious performance during a campout. The number of Scouts involved can be tweaked a little, but I’ve found that having around 5 Scouts is ideal. Also, for Pete’s sake, use clean socks! Please!!!

What you’ll need:
  • A pile of (clean) socks
  • Around 5 Scouts

Script: The Clean Socks Skit

Scout #1: Scouts, gather ’round. Our new socks have arrived! Come and get ’em!
[other Scouts run onstage and line up to receive socks.]

Scout #1: OK, Johnny, how many socks do you need?
Scout #2: I need 2 pairs.
Scout #1: Just two?
Scout #2: Yes, I wear one pair for a week while the other pair is in the dirty wash.
Scout #1: Gross! Oh well, here’s your two socks.

Scout #3: I need 4 pairs.
Scout #1: Why 4 pairs?
Scout #3: I put on a fresh pair on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.
Scout #1: Well, that’s better than wearing them a whole week. Here you go.

Scout #4: I need 7 pairs.
Scout #1: Great. I bet that’s a fresh pair every day, right? [gives the socks]
Scout #4: Right!
Scout #1: That’s what I like to hear. A clean Scout! Here you go.

Scout #5: 12 pairs please!
Scout #1: 12!? Man, you must really be clean. Why 12 pairs?
Scout #5: Well, there’s January, February, March, …

#2: The Invisible Bench

I’d wager that the Invisible Bench Skit is one of the top 3 most popular Scout skits of all time. If you haven’t heard of it though, you’re in for a treat! This skit can be performed with as many Scouts as are in your patrol. It’s easy to learn, fun to perform, and often gets a great audience reception!

What you’ll need:
  • 4+ Scouts
  • An ‘invisible’ bench 😛

Script: The Invisible Bench

Scout #1 walks onstage and squats down as if he is sitting on a bench that is invisible.
Scout #2 walks up to #1.

Scout #2: Whatcha doin’?
Scout #1: Just sitting on this invisible bench.
Scout #2: Can I join you?
Scout #1: Sure.

Scout #2 sits down next to #1.
Scout #3 repeats the dialog.
Each Scout comes on and repeats the interaction, making a long line of Scouts sitting on the bench.

After each Scout takes a seat at the bench, finally, the last Scout walks up to line of Scouts.

Last Scout: What are you guys doing?
All people:
Just sitting here on this invisible bench.
Last Scout
: No you aren’t. I moved the bench over there. (points)

Ahhhhhhhh!” All the sitting Scouts fall down.

Alternate Ending

(If your troop has the Invisible Bench skit before, and you want to plan an unpredictable ending.)

Last Scout: What are you guys doing?
All Scouts: Sitting on this invisible bench.
Last Scout: Oh no! I just got done painting that bench with invisible paint!
All Scouts: AAAAGH! (stands up and pretends to wipe paint off back-side.)

#3: The 3 Vs. 1000 Skit

This is a fun skit to perform and comes with an unexpected twist! I loved playing up the tough ‘soldiery-ness’ of the role to make the ending joke even more comical. If you have some skit experience under your belt, try improvising some lines. That’s where real improvement comes from!

What you’ll need:
  • 3 Scouts
  • ‘Battle’ props (could be a cane, bandages, a medkit — be creative!)

Script: The 3 Vs. 1000 Skit

Tip: Ad-libbing the entire conversation works better than memorized lines. The flow should go something like this:

Three Scouts limp and stumble onstage. They are soldiers that have just survived a horrific battle.

Soldier #1: What a battle!
Soldier #2: What amazing odds! And, to think we survived!
Soldier #3: Yeah, THREE against A THOUSAND – simply amazing!
Soldier #1: We never should have attempted it. THREE against A THOUSAND and we’re still here to tell about it.
Soldier #2: That’s enough fighting for me. I’m retiring from the army. Fighting THREE against A THOUSAND has completely worn me out.
Soldier #3: Me too. I think we’ve made a name for ourselves. THREE against A THOUSAND – I still can’t believe it!
Soldier #1: OK, I’ll quit too. You know, those were the toughest THREE guys I’ve ever fought against!

#4: The Lost Quarter Skit

The Lost Quarter Skit is another great option if you’d like to involve your entire patrol in the performance. This skit is simple, clever, and comes with a (somewhat) valuable lesson at its end. Tip: Lost Quarter is best performed during evenings on campouts.

What you’ll need:
  • 4+ Scouts
  • A lantern or flashlight

Script: The Lost Quarter Skit

Set up your light source: Hang up your lantern, or have one Scout stand on stage, holding the flashlight overhead, and pointing it toward the ground – he is a lamppost and just stands there the whole time.

Scout #1 is searching the ground where the light is shining. Scout #2 walks by.

Scout #2: Hey, what are you looking for?
Scout #1: I lost a quarter.
Scout #2: Here, I’ll help you find it.

Scout #2 starts searching the ground in same area

Scout #3: Hey, what are you looking for?
Scout #1: I lost a quarter.
Scout #3: Here, I’ll help you find it. (starts searching in same area)

Scout #3 starts searching the ground in same area

[Continue until all actors (Scouts) are searching the ground]

After searching awhile, a Scout finally asks

Scout #2: Man, I just don’t see it. Are you sure you lost that quarter here?
Scout #1: No, I didn’t lose it here. I lost it over there.
Scout #2: What? Then, why are we searching over here?
Scout #1: Because the light is better over here!

By the way, here’s the lesson: Doing things the right way is more important than doing things the easy way. Believe it or not, this was key realization for me, in my life. 🙂

#5: The Dragon Breath Skit

As my final favorite skit that more than 4 Scouts can participate in, the Dragon Breath Skit is loads of fun to act out. In my area, it was also a fairly uncommon skit, so you might get extra laughs if you’re performing it at a cross-troop jamboree. Enjoy!

What you’ll need:
  • 4+ Scouts
  • A blanket, sleeping bag, or jacket (used to cover the “dragon’s” head.)

Script: The Dragon Breath Skit

One Scout is the dragon with horrid breath and crouches on stage underneath a blanket.
Another Scout is the ringmaster and is getting brave people to pay money to take a look at the dragon.
The rest are customers planted in the audience.

Ringmaster: I’m looking for some very brave souls to face my hideous dragon. No one has ever survived an encounter with this dragon. Who will be a volunteer?

A Scout planted in the audience is chosen to come forward

Ringmaster: Yes, sir, you appear to be quite brave. All you need to do is peek under the blanket and say “Hello” to my dragon.

The volunteer lifts the edge of the blanket and says Hello.
When the dragon replies, “Hellooooo” with a long breath, the volunteer makes ghastly coughing noises, stumbles to the side out of the way, and collapses.

Ringmaster: How about another volunteer?

[Repeat until all but 1 plants have been called forward]

Finally, the ringmaster calls up the final Scout.

When the final Scout lifts the blanket and says “Hello?” The dragon begins to choke, gasps for air, and collapses from smelling the final Scout’s bad breath.

#6: The World Record Spitter Skit

The World Record Spitter skit is absolutely hilarious and a ton of fun to perform. Plus, it ends with an unexpected twist! This is one of my favorite skits, but as a word of advice: Make sure that you spread the water out as much as possible! Haha.

What you’ll need:
  • 3 Scouts
  • A mug, bowl, or bucket filled with a SMALL amount of water

Script: The World Record Spitter Skit

Scout #3 is planted out in the audience.

Scout #1: Hey! I’m the best darn spitter in the whole world. Why, once I knocked a fly off a branch in the top of an oak trip with one spit! I even put out a match a hundred feet away!
Scout #2: No way! No one can spit like that!
Scout #1: Oh yeah? Here, I’ll prove it. You stand over there and hold out your hand and I’ll hit it.
Scout #2: No way! I don’t want your spit all over my hand!
Scout #1: OK. Here, use this old cup to catch my spit then.

Scout #2 takes the bucket and moves away from Scout #1

Scout #2: OK. Go ahead.
Scout #1: (winds up and pretends to spit at the bucket) Patui!
Scout #2: (taps the bottom of the bucket to make a thump like it caught the spit) Wow! You did it! Can you spit further?
Scout #1: Sure, no problem. Back up.
Scout #2: (both step further apart) OK. Go ahead.
Scout #1: (winds up and pretends to spit at the bucket) Patui!
Scout #2: (tap the bottom of the bucket to make a thump like it caught the spit) Wow! You did it! How far can you spit?
Scout #1: Heck, I can spit all the way around the world if I wanted to.
Scout #2: No way! Prove it!
Scout #1: OK. (really winds up and pretends to spit – a powerful one)
Scout #2: (duck out of the way as the spit flies past)
Scout #1: (looks behind him and ducks as the spit flies by)
Scout #2: (tap the bottom of the bucket to make a thump like it caught the spit) Wow! You did it! That’s amazing!

Scout #3, who was planted in the audience, stands up, points to Scout #1, and speaks accusingly

Scout #3: Baloney! He didn’t really spit around the world and into that cup!
Scout #1: Oh yeah? Go ahead and show him.

Scout #2 takes the cup and tosses the water out over the audience

#7: The Meat for Sale Skit

Meat For Sale is a great 2-person skit for older Scouts to perform. It won’t take much work to learn the lines, but in this skit, delivery is everything! Really play up the punchline, and you’ll have the entire campsite rolling on the ground, laughing.

What you’ll need:
  • 2 Scouts
  • ‘Butcher’ attire could be used as a prop

Script: The Meat For Sale Skit

A grizzly bear walks into a butcher shop.

Bear: Grrr! Butcher, I need some meat. What’s for sale today?
Butcher: Well, hey there, bear! Here’s some skunk that got run over on the road. Just 10 cents a pound.
Bear: That’s disgusting! I need something better.
Butcher: How about some rabbit? 50 cents a pound.
Bear: No, rabbit gives me gas.
Butcher: I’ve got venison steaks. $1.00 a pound.
Bear: Nope, had that yesterday.
Butcher: There’s bear tongue for $2.00 a pound, but you’re probably not interested.
Butcher: Hey, here’s pheasant breast for just $5.00 a pound.
Bear: That might do. Is that all you have?
Butcher: Hmmm, let’s see. I’ve got Scouts, but I’m afraid they’re $70.00 a pound.
Bear: $70.00!!!! Why so much?
Butcher: Do you know how much work it is to CLEAN one?

Bonus Skit: Measuring a Pole

I just had to include this tried and true favorite! Measuring a Pole is a hilarious 3-person skit that is best performed among two older Scouts and one younger Scout. In the video below, you can watch a variation of the skit, but I encourage you to put your own spin on it as well!

What you’ll need:

Script: The Measuring a Pole Skit

2 senior Scouts enter the stage carrying a pole. They then stand the pole up on one end.

Scout #1: OK, let’s figure out how tall these poles are so we know how tall our flagpole will be when we lash them together.

Scout #2: (does rough stick method measurement) Right! Now, using the stick method, it looks like its about 18 feet tall.

Scout #1: What? No way! It can’t be that tall. (compares pole’s shadow to shadow of Scout #2) Here, measuring its shadow in comparison to another object of a known height – How tall are you? Then, finding the ratio, and multiplying that back, let’s see… I get 12 feet tall!

Tenderfoot strolls onstage and watches the two older Scouts discuss the situation, something like…

Scout #2: I don’t think so! You must have miscalculated. The pole makes a right triangle with the ground so we can use the distance to the object and the angle with the ground.

Scout #1: That’s too much work. The stick method is always right.

Tenderfoot: Watcha guys doin’?

Scout #1: Oh, Hi. We’re measuring how tall this pole is.

Scout #2: Yeah, it’s hard work, but we’ll figure it out.

Tenderfoot: Why don’t you just lay it on the ground and measure its length?

Scout #1: Ha! Tenderfoot Scouts!

Scout #2: Really! (to Tenderfoot) Look, we need to know how tall it is, not how long it is!


Skits can transform any old Scouting event into a hilarious group experience. Sure, watching skits can be fun, but I highly recommend you put yourself out there and act in your troop’s skits as often as possible. Believe it or not, it’ll even help your public speaking and communication skills! (Did I hear anyone say communication merit badge?!)

If you’re looking for more awesome skits, I’d highly recommend checking out’s awesome compilation of skits! This article contained my top 8 skits from when I was a Scout, but BoyScoutTrail has literally around 100 different skits you can choose from.

Anyway, hope you use at least one of these ideas to spice up your next camp! Thanks for dropping by ScoutSmarts and, as always, best of luck on your Scouting journey! 🙂


I'm constantly writing new content because I believe in Scouts like you! Thanks so much for reading, and for making our world a better place. Until next time, I'm wishing you all the best on your journey to Eagle and beyond!

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