Cub Scouting Activities: 17 Epic Things Cub Scouts Do And Learn

If you or a loved one is thinking about joining Cub Scouting, you’re probably wondering what exactly Cub Scouts do. The short answer is: all sorts of fun activities and events! Whether you join in Kindergarten of 5th grade, Cub Scouting offers a ton of new exciting opportunities and experiences. On top of that, the Scouting journey helps every young person to become a better you!

What Do Cub Scouts Do? Cub Scouts engage in various indoor and outdoor activities like skill-building meetings, campouts, and group games. They also learn values such as teamwork, community service, and commitment while having fun and making friends in an environment that encourages personal growth and family involvement.

P.S. This article is a guest post collaboration with Eagle Scout and AOL recipient, Michael M🙂

Having been a Cub and BSA Scout myself, in this article I’m going to tell you about the awesome activities you can participate in as a Cub Scout. I’ll also break down some important values that Scouting can bring into your life. In case you want to learn more, I’ll even link you to plenty of related articles along the way. Now, let’s do this!

Popular Cub Scout Meeting Activities

There are two types of meetings in Cub Scouts! The first of these is the pack meeting. This event is held once a month, bringing together local Cubs of all ages. It’s where Cub Scouts of all ages receive awards for their achievements and demonstrate the cool things they are learning as a den. 😀

Meanwhile, weekly den meetings are where Cubs gain new skills and earn higher ranks among similar-aged peers! Pack meetings are all about recognition for the great strides you’ve made — and den meetings are the place you make those strides. Den meetings also include awesome Cub Scout games and activities!

If you’d like more information on the differences between den meetings and pack meetings, ScoutSmarts has got you covered! Check out our article for a comparison of the two.

Here’s a quick video (2:37) to show you what a Cub Scout meeting looks like in action! It’s the Cubs’ first meeting, so they’re still learning the ropes. 😉

Now that we’ve got a basic understanding of Cub Scout meetings, let’s go through some of the most popular Cub Scouting activities that are planned throughout the pack calendar year!

  • Flag ceremonies: During the flag ceremony, Cubs pay their respects to the flag, as well as the country that it stands for. Typically held before den and pack meetings, flag ceremonies are an important Scouting tradition that goes back many years!
  • Skill-building exercises: Specifically at den meetings, Cubs work on skill-based activities. This isn’t the only part of a den meeting, but it’s the most important! There are all sorts of skills Cubs can work on, for example, knot tying, and each one is just as fun as the last! 😀
  • Pinewood Derby: For this event, Scouts make and race wooden cars. The Pinewood Derby is a very well-known event in the Scouting community, and it’s the favorite of many dens, packs, and Scouts — myself included! I still remember derbies from my Cub Scout days.
  • Raingutter Regatta: When it comes to cool racing events, the Pinewood Derby isn’t the only thing Cub Scouts has to offer. The Raingutter Regatta is an opportunity to build a model sailboat and compete in an exciting race with other Cubs!
  • Bike Rodeo: This is another super fun Scouting event, but unlike the Pinewood Derby and Raingutter Regatta, it’s not about competition. It’s about learning! Experts in bike safety teach Cubs cool skills and give them fun things to do, from decorating bikes to steering through obstacle courses.
  • Blue and Gold Banquet: This ceremony happens once a year, and its purpose is to celebrate the anniversary of Scouts BSA’s founding. This is also the time when Cubs advance to the next rank, making it a very important event for kids of all ages!

Cub Scout Outdoor Activities

Now, time to go through some outdoor activities you can find in Cub Scouts! Since quality time outside is an essential part of the Scouting experience, there are plenty of awesome activities that Cubs do outdoors. Let’s take a look at some of the most common ones! 🙂

  • Camping: When I think of Scouting, the first thing that I picture is camping! As a Scout, I spent a whole lot of time going camping with my friends. It’s a staple of the Scouting experience, and it can create so many fun memories!
  • Hiking: This is an activity lots of people enjoy, and not just in Scouting circles! Hiking gives you a great chance to explore nature, and it even improves your health. If you’ve never gone hiking before, I’d highly recommend giving it a try! Just remember to follow the principles of Leave No Trace! 😉
  • Shooting sports: There are three types of shooting sports in Cub Scouts: archery, BB gun shooting, and slingshot shooting. You can learn lots of cool skills from taking part in these activities, and you can even earn special awards! Just remember that shooting sports are only allowed at certain council activities and Scout camps.
  • Fundraisers: Every pack needs money to run its programs — that’s where fundraising comes in! Whether you’re hosting a bake sale at the park or selling Scout popcorn outside the grocery store, fundraising is a great opportunity to practice communication and exercise teamwork.
  • Games: There’s no better way to form bonds than playing a game with your peers. Those friendly rounds of handball and tag will create memories you’ll smile at for years to come! If that’s not enough, you’ll also learn skills like teamwork and determination that’ll be useful throughout your life.
  • Fishing: Tons of Scouts love to cast a reel. In fact, a survey by Scout Life showed that fishing is Scouting’s fourth most popular outdoor activity! If you’re a fan of fishing or want to learn how it’s done, Scouting will give you a chance to enjoy fishing with friends.
  • Skits: Skits are a time-tested and beloved part of Scouting! There’s so much excitement that comes from acting out a funny scene in front of your friends. As for me, I can say for sure that skits were one of my favorite Scouting activities! Like fundraisers, skits also help you practice your communication skills.

Cub Scouting Values and Lessons

Finally, let’s look at one of the most important parts of Scouting: values. These are ideas and actions that are important to who you are, like being honest or treating others well. Values might seem separate from Scouting events and activities, but in every rank and every adventure, you’ll be practicing these values!

  • Self-improvement and Growth: In Cub Scouts, there’s a rank for every school grade. By completing a rank’s requirements and moving on to the next one, a Cub shows their mastery of the lessons they’ve learned! Climbing the ranks teaches Cubs the value of hard work and persistence, which are just as important in adult life as in Scouting.
  • Community service: Service projects are a great way to help the people around you! From assisting local charities to cleaning up outdoor areas, there are so many ways you can lend your community a hand. The commitment to helping others is an important quality in a Cub Scout, and it’s an extraordinary trait in any person regardless of age. 😀
  • Teamwork: Working as part of a team lets you practice and boost your communication skills. It also shows you the importance of keeping your relationships strong, which will serve you well throughout your life!
  • Friendship: As you may have guessed, the Scouting program gives Cubs an excellent opportunity to make new friends! Since the kids in a den are all the same age, it’s easy for them to bond. This is a great thing, since strong friendships teach you how important it is to be trustworthy and loyal!

Now that you know the sorts of values you can learn from Cub Scouting, along with the activities you can expect to see at meetings and in the great outdoors, you’re ready to begin your epic journey! Plus, since Cub Scouting encourages parental support, it gives families a wonderful opportunity to make memories together. 🙂


I could never fit every awesome Scouting activity into one article, but I hope I’ve given you an idea of how much fun you’ll have as a Cub Scout. Each activity is an important part of the program, and they all come together to form a one-of-a-kind experience full of exciting opportunities!

Of course, one of the most important parts of Scouting is how it helps Cubs mature and grow. Just like Scouts BSA, Cub Scouts helps you expand your horizons, teaching you important skills and values along the way. I’d highly recommend practically every family give Cub Scouting a try!

Thanks so much for reading. I hope you got a ton out of this article, and are even more excited about the possibility of joining Cub Scouting! For more essential info to be prepared for the adventures to come, I’d recommend also checking out any of our other awesome articles:

That’s all for this article! Hope to see you back here at ScoutSmarts again soon. Until next time, I’m wishing you and your Cub some amazing times with the pack! 🙂


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