25+ Unique Cub Scout Gift Ideas (At Every Price Point)

If you have a special Cub Scout in your life with an event or celebration coming up, getting them the perfect gift is probably top-of-mind. Well, I’ve got great news for you! Whether you’re shopping for a birthday, milestone, or holiday, I’ll be sharing a ton of perfect gift ideas that your Cub Scout will absolutely love.

What are the best gifts for a Cub Scout? The best gifts for Cub Scouts include practical, fun, and educational items like LEGO Creator sets, science kits, and adventure books. Trail snacks like beef jerky, along with outdoor clothes, gadgets, books, and experiences also make for great options, along with anything that makes the Scouting experience more creative and enjoyable!

P.S. This article is a guest post collaboration with Eagle Scout and AOL recipient, Michael M🙂

In this article, we’re going to go through 25+ gift ideas that most Cub Scouts would be thrilled to receive. From snacks to toys, gadgets, and even experiences, there’s a wide variety of exciting gift options to choose from! With this handy list and a little thought into their preferences, I’m sure you’ll find just the right thing for your lucky Cub. 😉

Toy, Set, and Kit Gift Ideas For Cub Scouts

Everyone knows that kids love toys and kits! They’re a great source of fun, and they easily keep young people entertained. Still, those are far from being their only benefits! Gifts can also be educational on a variety of levels, teaching Cub Scouts cool skills that expand their horizons in deep and meaningful ways.

Here are a few engaging and learning-based kits, sets, and toys for you to choose from! Each of them has a whole lot to offer, inspiring imagination and creativity in the minds of young people:

  • 2 Pack Bow and Arrow + Dart Gun Toy: This toy is great for Cub Scouts, not only because it’s a blast to shoot arrows and darts with friends, but also because it provides a wonderful starting point into the world of archery (a BSA merit badge 😀)! Plus, trying to reach the highest target score can be a lot of fun for the whole family.
  • Rock painting kit: This is one of the most lovably unique gifts you’ll find in our article! Painting a pet rock is a great way to unlock a kid’s artistic side, and it even lets children hone their fine motor skills. It’s both simple and satisfying to paint a pet rock, so kids of all ages are bound to love this gift.
  • Crystal growing kit: Where rock painting kits are all about art, crystal growing kits are all about science! The purpose of these kits is simple: to make crystals and watch them grow. It’s fun and exciting to see them develop, and any child is bound to be thrilled when their crystals become full-grown! This is a perfect gift for young science lovers.
  • Robotics kit: While robotics can be a challenge even for adults, that doesn’t mean it’s too tough for kids to handle! There are robotics kits made specially for children, which means that kids can get the experience of building a robot without feeling overwhelmed. Working with robots is a fun and interesting activity that so many kids enjoy!
  • Wood model kit: This is a cool little gift that could easily turn into a rewarding hobby! Building a model kit hones fine motor skills and gives you a chance to exercise your creativity. The building process is also relaxing and calming, which is a wonderful benefit no matter your age.
  • LEGO Creator set: LEGO Creator is a cool and unique spin on the typical LEGO set, as each of its sets can be constructed in three different ways. In a sense, this brings it closer to the true spirit of LEGO: using blocks to build whatever it is you imagine! LEGO is popular with kids and adults alike, making a 3-in-1 set an awesome gift option for your Cub. 😀

Gadget Gifts For Cub Scouts

When it comes to buying fun items for your Cub to enjoy, traditional toys aren’t all you have to choose from! Gadgets are another source of enjoyment for young people, providing them with quality entertainment and an exciting taste of what technology has to offer.

So, here’s a list of cool gadgets for you to consider! In addition to excitement and fun, these gift ideas also present excellent learning opportunities:

  • Portable star projector: When it comes to making bedtime more enjoyable, this gift does wonders! Not only does it make for a visual treat, but the ambient light it creates is perfect for a relaxing sleep. Also, star projectors are a superb tool to get kids interested in astronomy! Don’t be surprised if your Cub falls in love with this amazing gift.
  • Celestial globe: While globes are best known for showing Earth’s geography, that’s not all they’re good for! They’re also a great medium for teaching kids about constellations. Celestial globes are made for that exact purpose, putting outer space on full display for fun and easy learning. If you or your Cub is into astronomy, then this is the perfect present!
  • Microscope for kids: This tool opens a kid’s eyes to parts of the world they never even knew existed! Taking in the microscopic wonders that nature has to offer is an enchanting experience, and it’s bound to awaken the scientific curiosity in any child. On top of that, a kid with an inquiring mind is sure to achieve great things in their future! 😀
  • Telescope for kids: Just like the microscope, the telescope opens kids’ eyes to the vastness of the world around them! Looking up at the night sky is one of the most mesmerizing experiences there is, so why not show it to your Cub in much closer detail? A telescope is a great gift to awaken interest in astronomy, similar to the star projector!
  • Light-up terrarium kit: Looking to make your Cub’s day with a beautiful and educational gift? You can’t go wrong with a terrarium! These gardens make for a perfect picture of nature, showing the beauty of the outdoors right in the comfort of your home. And a terrarium kit is even better, giving your Cub the joy of creating the garden themselves!

The Best Snack Gift Ideas For Cub Scouts

Who doesn’t love snacks? Snacking is a time-tested and beloved activity for Scouts of all ages! Not only do tasty snacks bring a quick dose of joy, but it also keeps kids’ hunger under control so they’re at their best throughout the day or while playing games with their pack. Plus, if you choose the right snacks, your favorite Cub can even get some vital nutrients!

Now, here are my snack recommendations for your Cub. There are many others out there you can choose from, but these are my top picks:

  • Smartfood Popcorn Assortment: This snack is high in fiber and filled to the brim with antioxidants. This means that it not only supplies important nutrients, but it even helps neutralize rogue threats called free radicals! Popcorn is always a big hit with kids of all ages, which may be why it’s often sold in sold for pack fundraising!
  • Fig bars: Like popcorn, fig bars contain a whole lot of fiber! This keeps digestion working right and boosts overall health. In addition, they’re a good source of the all-important mineral we call potassium. Fig bars might seem a bit too healthy to appeal to Cubs, but you’d be surprised. Back when I was a kid, I couldn’t get enough of them! 😜
  • Trail mix: This one is well known for being a delicious outdoor treat, and it has plenty of health benefits to boot! Trail mix often contains nuts and seeds, both of which are known to be rich in protein. Also, these ingredients are high in heart-healthy fats. As a staple of the outdoor experience, trail mix is a perfect choice for any Cub who loves to camp or hike.
  • Beef jerky: This might surprise you, but beef jerky is a highly nutritious snack! It’s full of vital nutrients like zinc and iron, each of which has its own unique benefits for the human body. Plus, this snack’s high protein content is guaranteed to provide a serious boost of energy. Beef jerky also happens to be delicious, so Cubs of all ages are sure to love it!
  • Freeze-dried fruit: While not quite the same as fresh fruit, freeze-dried fruit is highly nutritious in its own right. Believe it or not, studies indicate that freeze-dried fruit contains as much as 90% of its original nutrients! It’s easy to carry thanks to its size, which makes it a great snack when your Cub is on the go.

Exciting Experiences To Gift Cub Scouts

Now, let’s get to the most unique category of gifts in this article! Experiences are a present unlike any other, and they have their own special benefits to offer. Trying out cool activities can be very constructive for children, introducing them to new interests and teaching them neat skills along the way!

Here are a few of the most valuable and productive experiences you could give to your Cub. Each of them is greatly beneficial to a child in its own way:

  • Horseback riding: The positive impact that horseback riding has on a child’s self-esteem can’t be overstated! There’s a very real sense of accomplishment that comes from guiding such a large animal, giving a young person the confidence they need to tackle other daunting tasks in their day-to-day life. 😀
  • National park tour: If you want to give your child an amazing experience they’ll remember for years, look no further than a national park visit! These beautiful parks can be both fun and educational, as they offer great learning opportunities about geology and wildlife. Plus, walking through a national park is a perfect chance for family bonding!
  • Ice skating lessons: Just like mastering horseback riding, learning to ice skate provides an incredible confidence boost! This is guaranteed to carry over into other aspects of a child’s life, providing them with the fortitude they need to take on new challenges and obstacles. This strength of mind is incredibly valuable, whether you’re a child or not!
  • Ziplining or an adventure course: This experience is a fantastic source of excitement with a ton of benefits to a child’s health! Also, the effects aren’t only physical! Adventures and ziplining have a highly positive impact on self-esteem by providing a sense of overcoming intimidating challenges.
  • Spectator sports: Buying tickets to a sports game is a really great investment for two main reasons! First, this exciting and eventful activity is a great way to get your Cub interested in sports. And second, it gives you some quality time with your Cub, providing an opportunity for family bonding over a uniquely thrilling experience!

The Best Outdoor Clothes To Gift a Cub Scout

We all know the old saying that kids don’t like getting clothes as gifts. Still, they can be a great gift under the right circumstances! If your child is involved in Scouting, then it’s safe to say that they love the outdoors. So, why not give them some awesome apparel that’ll help with camp packing? Chances are that they’ll be thrilled to get such a cool gift!

When it comes to buying outdoor clothes, there are lots of neat items to choose from. Here are a few great gifts to keep in mind:

  • Winter hat: If your child lives in a cold climate, then warm winter clothing is essential! Winter hats are especially important, protecting their head from bitter winds and frigid snow. Some of these hats even come with a headlamp, which means your Cub gets the benefits of both light and warmth from just one product! Pretty nice, right?
  • Fleece jacket: These garments are warm and soft, providing great comfort and protection from cold weather. They’re a perfect addition to anyone’s winter wardrobe! And on top of all that, fleece jackets are a fabulous place for Cubs to put their non-uniform patches 😀
  • Wool socks: You might not know this, but wool is naturally breathable! In other words, wool clothes let air flow through them. This means that the wearer won’t feel the discomfort of clammy skin or the unpleasantness of overheating. For those reasons, wool socks are a great gift for a Cub Scout!

Cub Scout Adventure Book Gift Ideas

There are lots of questions to ask yourself when picking out a book for a loved one. And the first of those questions is this: fiction or nonfiction? Many people believe that kids prefer fiction to nonfiction, but studies suggest otherwise! In fact, it’s been shown that as many as 75 percent of children enjoy nonfiction just as much as fiction, if not more so. Surprising, right?

Still, in case your Cub is a fiction lover like I am, I’m going to recommend both types of books in this list! Here are my top picks:

  • The Wonders of Nature: Written for kids ages six through eight, this book is perfect for Tigers, Wolves, and other Cub Scout ranks alike! It encourages kids to learn all about nature’s beauty, delivering amazing facts through detailed descriptions and gorgeous illustrations. No doubt about it, this book is truly in its own class!
  • The Hobbit: This novel is a literary classic – and best of all, it was written especially for kids! It’s full of exciting moments that any child is sure to love. If your Scout takes a liking to this book, it’s worth noting that this is far from Tolkien’s only work! The Lord of the Rings has a lot of similarities with The Hobbit, although it’s much harder for a kid to get into.
  • The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe: This one’s not only a literary classic, but it’s also a great introduction to C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia. Since it’s the first book published in the series, I’d recommend your Cub start with this one. The thrill of adventure can be found in each book in the series, so this gift is sure to be a hit!


Giving gifts is a fulfilling experience for anyone, and it’s an important part of the recipient’s life as well! Cool presents boost a child’s self-esteem, especially when those gifts help nurture their growth and further their passions. That’s why individualized gifts are so great, as they meet both of those criteria at the same time!

Taking your Cub’s interests into account is sure to help you find the best gifts for them. There’s no question that presents like these will put a smile on their face! And, even though they may not always remember the exact gifts you gave them, their happy feelings are going to stick with both of you forever. 😀

Thanks so much for reading. I hope you got a ton out of this article, and find the perfect gift for that special Cub Scout in your life! For more high-quality articles helping you support your Cub Scout on their exciting adventures, be sure to check out any of the links below:

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