Easy Cub Scout Arts And Craft Ideas For Fun And Learning

Arts and crafts are the perfect pastime for Cub Scouts during den meetings or while camping, so in this article, I want to share some easy and awesome projects! None of these crafts require a lot of materials, and the longest will only take around 20 minutes to complete. Some are classics, and others are new crafts that were never an option while I was a Cub Scout! 

What are the Best Easy Cub Scout Crafts? An ideal easy Cub Scout craft requires minimal materials, is suitable for all ages, and can be completed in a short time. Great simple Cub Scout arts and crafts projects ideas include popsicle stick god’s eyes, pom-pom snowmen, paracord ornaments, which foster creativity and skill development in a fun, engaging way.

PS. This article is a guest post collaboration with Eagle Scout and AOL recipient, Jonathan K🙂

Fun fact: I still have a few crafts around from when I was a Cub!😀That’s because arts and crafts are a great way for Cub Scouts to make cool keepsakes that they can fondly look back on. Plus, for any den leader reading this, you can rest assured that all these Cub Scout crafts are easy and affordable!

Simple crafts are also ideal to get new Cub Scouts involved and having fun! A clever pack recruiting idea I’ve heard of is teaching prospective new Cubs an art style or craft that they can take home and show to their family. The following crafts are pretty easy to make, and would be perfect for this! So without further ado, let’s dive into the world of easy Cub Scout crafts…

The Easiest Arts and Crafts Ideas for Cub Scouts

Cub Scout Craft #1: God’s Eye

In my opinion, one of the easiest and most iconic Cub Scout crafts is the god’s eye. Made with popsicle sticks and colorful yarn, this classic craft makes a super simple but cool-looking design. Every Scout can use their own color pattern, making sure that no two god’s eye crafts look alike! 

Plus, god’s eye crafts look really awesome when hung up on the wall of a bedroom, or when multiple different designs are placed together. The tutorial video (6:05) below explains everything you need to know about making this easy Cub Scout craft!

Making a god’s eye Cub Scout craft can also be a learning experience about color theory, why certain shades go together, and how the primary and secondary colors create every color of the rainbow. Like many of these crafts, it creates opportunities for learning as well as fun!

Cub Scout Craft #2: Pom-Pom Snowman

There are a lot of ways to make a pom-pom snowman, but this video (4:31) shows what I consider the easiest method. Using only yarn, some cardboard circles (I suggest a cereal box), and some colorful felt, it’s possible to make an adorable handcrafted snowman! 🙂

If you want to run this craft during a den meeting, I suggest cutting the cardboard circles ahead of time. For dens with older Scouts, this video (3:31) details a more involved method that includes creating a fun knit hat! 

Cub Scout Craft #3: Paracord Ornament

Did you know that it’s possible to make a beautiful Christmas ornament using only paracord? This tutorial video (5:20) is just one of many possible designs, but I like this because the cobra knot is a simple design most Cub Scouts will be able to handle.

Using this craft idea, Cubs can even make multiple ornaments during the den meeting out of different colored paracords. Not only will they have these useful ornaments or bracelets, they’ll also be learning knot-handling skills! Here’s another video (10:04) of a paracord ornament design that’s a little more involved but could be perfect for a den of older Cubs: 

These paracord ornaments are a great companion craft to learning about Scout knots. Adult leaders should be on hand to help and demonstrate how to tie the knots, but with the exception of the paracords, no other supplies are required. That makes this a simple and cheap holiday craft! 😀

Simple Camping Arts and Crafts for Cub Scouts

Cub Scout Craft #4: Whittling Projects

Some whittling projects are far too involved to be an easy Cub Scout craft, but when all that’s needed is a small knife and some wood, whittling can still be a very easy craft! This tutorial video (12:49) shows ten different whittling projects. These escalate from easiest to hardest because everyone has a different skill level!

The important thing to remember about whittling is that every Cub Scout in the den has to have first earned their whittling chip. Once they’re ready to handle bladed tools, this type of project will help to build their knife control and confidence! To make things even easier, cut the carvings out of soap instead of wood!

Cub Scout Craft #5: Tin Can Lantern

Tin can lanterns are another fun Cub Scout craft that’s perfect for either den meetings or camping trips. Plus, they’re easy to make because all you’ll need is a tin can, a hammer, and one nail. This tutorial video (3:18) does a great job of running through the steps, along with how to fix common issues. 

Painting the tin can lanterns is optional, but it does add to the fun. Scouts can make their own designs, or leaders can provide paper templates that help guide them! As with all of the easy crafts I’m sharing with you, tin can lanterns can be as complicated, or as simple, as you want. 

Cub Scout Craft #6: Nature Collages

While on a campout, consider bringing all of the Cubs together to create their own nature collages. This craft is super simple but a lot of fun to make — and what’s even more fun is seeing everyone’s end result! Check out this helpful video (2:29) below for instructions on how to make a nature collage!

To get started, simply have your Cubs collect leaves, twigs, and other natural items from around your campsite. Then, provide them with glue and construction paper, and you’re off to the races! I’m sure you and their parents will be amazed by the creative ideas they come up with. 😀

Easy Handiwork Arts and Crafts for Cub Scouts

Cub Scout Craft #7: Milk Carton Birdhouse

A birdhouse is one of the easiest woodworking crafts, but this one is even easier! The version in this tutorial video (2:27) only requires a milk carton, paint, a way to poke holes, and scissors. This craft can be made easier or more complicated based on your individual den!

As the video shows, gluing decorations, including model moss, actual leaves, or colorful construction paper, is another easy way to decorate the house. This craft might require adult assistance to get the hole in the carton for hanging, but other than that, it’s incredibly simple! Note that this birdhouse will only last for a few weeks left out in the elements, but that’s okay. 🙂

Cub Scout Craft #8: Harmonica

You won’t believe how simple it is to build a makeshift harmonica craft! This tutorial video (2:33) explains how to make a working harmonica with only three parts. Who knew that just some sticks, paper, and rubber bands could become a playable harmonica! 

This easy Cub Scout craft also meets requirement 2b towards the Wolf rank! Putting the paper on correctly may require adult supervision, but that’s the only part that a Cub Scout may not be able to do themselves. 

Cub Scout Craft #9: Beaded Neckerchief Slide

Some beads and a cord are all you need to make a colorful beaded slide for a neckerchief! This is a neat and simple craft that every Cub Scout can use. The quick tutorial video (2:52) covers all the basics you’ll need to get started — it’s just that straightforward!

Getting creative with multiple colors of beads, or cord, is fun and easy for Cub Scouts to do. How cool would it be for your entire den to show up at a pack meeting all wearing beaded slides? That would be a great way to demonstrate what the den achieved that month! 😀

Cub Scout Craft #10: Key Chain

This key chain tutorial is one of the simplest of all our Cub Scout craft projects. However, it’s super customizable! The tag can be anything, even something that the cubs design themselves. The beads can also be swapped around for a simpler design, or maybe one that’s all animals. Check out the video (0:52) below for a quick tutorial!

Some Scouts may need assistance with tying the knot, but other than that this craft is simply putting beads on a cord. Plus, with a tag that advertises Scouting, this can be done before an event to make give-away key chains for recruiting! This is the perfect easy craft because it gives Cubs a ton of opportunity to put their unique spin on it. 🙂


Easy Cub Scout crafts are the perfect way to end a den meeting, or just to spend some spare time together at a camp-out. From knots to neckerchiefs and snowmen to lanterns, there are so many simple but awesome arts and crafts that allow Cub Scout packs to get creative together! 

I challenge you to try one of these awesome arts and crafts projects with your Cub Scouts during your next den meeting or campout. That way, they have a blast flexing their creativity muscle, and even have a neat keepsake to take back home with them! When I was a Cub I loved making these crafts, and I’m sure the Cubs in your pack will too. 😀

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I hope you’re now prepared to make these simple crafts with your pack! I salute you for all the work you do for Cub Scouting and, until next time, I’m wishing you and your Cubs nothing but the best!


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