What To Expect At A Cub Scout Pack Meeting (To Be Prepared)

Being a Cub Scout is all about trying new experiences to get out of your comfort zone, and what better way to do this than through a pack meeting! Not to be confused with den meetings, pack meetings are larger gatherings amongst Cubs of all ages. In this article, I’ll be telling you everything you should know to be prepared for a fun and learning-filled pack meeting of your own!

When I was a Cub Scout, I’d always look forward to getting together with friends once a week at den meetings. There, we might learn new skills, listen to fun speakers, or learn about fun field trips. But, that’s only part of what every Cub Scout gets to experience…

Once a month, all the dens would get together for a pack meeting, which is something that was always the highlight of my month! If you have a young Cub Scout (or are one), you don’t need to be nervous about this large get-together since the pack meeting is a celebration of everything the Cubs have accomplished! 

One of the biggest changes to expect at a pack meeting is that there will be a lot more Cubs! Dens usually consist of 8-10 Cubs, learning from a den leader, and it’s the same people week to week. A pack meeting includes every den, which means there can be all Cub Scout ranks in attendance, with ages ranging from kindergarten to fifth grade! 

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Instead of meeting at the school or community center used for the den meeting, pack meetings will typically take place in gyms or rec centers, giving plenty of room for each Cub Scout and their family to attend. While not all pack meetings are run exactly the same way, in this article I’ll guide you through everything to expect at your first pack meeting! 😀

What Is A Cub Scout Pack Meeting?

If you have never attended a pack meeting before, it can seem overwhelming when all the dens get together, but there’s no need to worry! Pack meetings aren’t formal events and really exist to give Cubs the opportunity to meet Cub Scouts of different ages outside of their dens. Best of all, families can attend pack meetings, and we suggest that they do! 

Pack meetings are different from den meetings and give a chance for every Cub Scout to show off what they learned that month in front of the entire Pack! Plus, since most families are there, this is a great time for parents to meet other families and celebrate their Cubs. Here’s a quick but great video (1:38) from Pack 999 explaining these meetings:

Pack meetings were some of my most fun and memorable times as a Cub, as there were so many out-of-the-box Scouting activities and knowledge we covered. After the pack leader opens up the meeting with a few words, there are a few announcements about upcoming events, and then each den gets time in the spotlight! 😀

What Goes On At A Cub Scout Pack Meeting?

Our favorite part of a pack meeting is when each den demonstrates a skill that they learned that month or performs a skit that they wrote and practiced at their meetings. There are a few exceptions, of course, and I’ll get to one in a moment, but normally, the skill that your pack might demonstrate will be tied to rank advancement

A Tiger den could demonstrate how to stop, drop, and roll in case of a fire, Wolf and Bears may show off knots that they learned while Webelos put on a classic campfire skit. The den leader decides what their den is going to do, and this is a great chance for younger Scouts to see what they’ll get to do later in their journey! 

If a den meeting includes a special guest speaker, the pack meeting is the perfect place to show off what the den learned. For example, at one den meeting, we had a local magician come in and demonstrate simple tricks to the Scouts. This included the “pulling the table cloth out from under a dinner set” trick, which one Scout then performed in front of the entire Pack! 

Why Parents Should Attend Pack Meetings

Parents, this section is just for you! While attending a den meeting is not expected, you should definitely be part of the pack meeting. Important information about upcoming events, fundraisers, and campaign opportunities are shared at pack meetings. But, most importantly, watching as your Cub Scout is recognized by the pack is an amazing experience that you do not want to miss. 🙂

Opportunities for exciting events can also be announced at pack meetings, like Scout events hosted by local teams. For example, the Miami Dolphins host an annual event for the South Florida Boy Scouts of America, to go on a fun weekend outing! Attending a pack meeting shows support for the den, the pack, and your Cub Scout. Best of all, everyone has fun! 

Most packs also run their own events for Cubs of all ages! When I was a Cub Scout, my dad learned of an upcoming father-son campaign trip at a pack meeting. This was a great experience for me, not only spending time in the wilderness with my dad but meeting other Cubs from different dens. In fact, it was my first campfire experience, and that soon became one of my favorite parts of Scouting! 

Monthly Awards At Pack Meetings

The Blue and Gold dinner is when Cub Scouts advance in rank, but the pack meeting is when Cub Scouts receive their individual awards. These awards can vary based on their overall rank but are not always tied to the work of the den, giving Cub Scouts a chance to be recognized for going above and beyond what is expected of them. 

Awards can range from the Interpreter strip to Shooting Sports achievements or earning a Religious Emblem. For Bear dens, the monthly pack meeting is when one of the most exciting parts of a Cub Scout’s journey takes place, as there they officially earn their Whittling Chip!

Recognizing and celebrating the awards of others can motivate Cub Scouts to earn those same awards. With dozens of different awards available, Scouts can even learn about ones they never knew of before! There’s an award for every interest, and pack meetings are great opportunities to learn more about the wide world of Scouting! 😀

Special Pack Meeting Events

Sometimes, the pack meeting will host a special event, the most popular of which is the Pinewood Derby. Racing wooden cars that each Scout made with the help of their friends and family is one of the highlights of being a Cub Scout. Win or lose, making and racing their own car is a major accomplishment and a lot of fun! 

Once a year, the monthly pack meeting is replaced with the Blue and Gold Dinner. Think of this as a more formal pack meeting, with major advancements taking place as each den moves up to the next level while Webelos cross the bridge, earn their Arrow of Light, and become Boy Scouts. 

Different packs may have their own traditions. For example, Pack 113 in Cincinnati will host a Raingutter Regata sailboat race along the river while others celebrate a family-friendly Halloween Spook-o-Ree! Check out your local pack to see what special event is unique to them. Or, if you’re a Cub Scout yourself, suggest one of these awesome events to your pack leader! 

Pack Meetings Are One Of The Best Parts Of Cub Scouting!

The monthly pack meetings are important for every Cub Scout to attend. I always looked forward to them as an opportunity to see what other dens were doing, and the older Scouts inspired me! Cub Scouts can participate in countless amount of activities, and the pack meeting is the best place to learn what’s out there for everyone! 

When I was a Cub Scout, the pack meeting was what inspired me to keep going! I loved seeing the older Scouts get awards, and then one month, I was the one up there being honored for my religious emblem. I knew then, that if I could achieve that goal, I could achieve more. 

The one thing I want you to know, especially if you’re going to attend your first pack meeting, is do not be nervous. The pack meeting is a celebration of you! If you’re a current Cub Scout, or the parent of one, the monthly pack meeting is where you get to be proud of everything you’ve accomplished! 


Pack meetings are undoubtedly a great time for any Cub Scout! But to make the most of it, Cub should always be learning new skills and tackling fun Adventures. So, make sure to check out this guide to Cub Scout ranks and advancement for a primer to moving up in your Cub Scouting journey!

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