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    The ScoutSmarts ToolKit contains:

    • Video Guide: 5 Things Every Scouting Parent Should Know
    • ​How To Master Scouting’s Teaching EDGE Method
    • Practice Guide For Tying And Using The Required Scouting Knots
    • The FASTEST Way To Reach Eagle Scout: A 2-Year Timeline
    • Scout Camping Activities: 5 Outdoor Games Your Troop Will Love
    • Video Guide: The Eagle-Required Merit Badge Difficulty Rankings (FUN!)
    • Optimal Earning Order For Scouting’s Eagle-Required Merit Badges
    • Leadership in Scouting: A Scout’s Ultimate Guide
    • Clean Boy Scout Jokes: The 17 Funniest Jokes To Tell Your Troop😂
    • The Best Troop Meeting Activities: 7 Fun Ideas For Scouts And Patrols