Best Camping Gear For Scouts: My Top Picks In 2020

Buying camping gear is like making an investment–you can either buy quality supplies the first time, or you can waste your money on cheap gear that’ll break again and again.

When I joined Scouting, some of the gear I started with broke after just a few months! That was when my parents and I learned an important lesson. It’s actually MORE EXPENSIVE to buy cheap gear.

Almost 10 years later, some of my Scouting gear has withstood the test of time – and is still holding up strong! Now that I know what types of gear are worth choosing, in this article, I’ll be giving you my TOP PICKS for dependable camping gear that’s also really well-priced. 🙂

The Best Headlamp For Nightime Activities

The best headlamps are those that you don’t even realize you’re wearing. That’s why I recommend the Outerdo. This headlamp is absolutely awesome. It’s bright. It’s rechargeable. Plus, It’s even waterproof.

One of the Outerdo’s most remarkable features is that it has 8 different light modes! This makes it perfect to use as a headlamp, an overhead tent light, or even a red signal light.

The battery life on a single charge is six hours, which should last you an entire weekend camp. BUT, it also comes with two EXTRA rechargeable batteries. This headlamp is what I wish I had when I was in Scouting.

My #1 Tent Recommendation (For Scouts)

My overall top pick for 2-3 person tents would have to go to the Moon Lence Compact Camping Tent! This tent is durable. It’s super ventilated. And it has top of the line waterproofing to keep you and your belongings dry!

As for the floor sizing, this is sold as a 2 person tent, but honestly, I’d bet it could fit up to 4 scouts! The Moon Lence measures 86″ x 55″ which is a good bit larger than the tents we used to cram 3 scouts inside. If you and your family are looking for a reliable and affordable tent, the Moon Lence gets my recommendation.

P.S: If you enjoy struggling to fit tents back into their tent bags, the Moon Lence isn’t for you. They’ve made it SO EASY to fit this tent back into the bag!

The Last (And Best) Sleeping Bag You’ll Ever Need

A quality sleeping bag is the difference between a fun night of camping and freezing your toes off. My top sleeping bag pick will be perfect for most weather conditions below 80° and above freezing.

I highly recommend picking the Upskr sleeping bag. Why? Do you like doing things with your hands inside your tent? This sleeping bag has ARMHOLES!

Seriously. This sleeping bag is warm, durable, waterproof, and will make for cozy tent sleeping. Great sleeping bags can last for 10+ years, and I’ll bet you won’t regret keeping this sleeping bag for that long. (For self-inflating sleeping mats, I recommend Venture)

The Camp Cooking Tool I Swear By

I don’t know about you, but sometimes my patrol’s food turned out pretty gross. Luckily, scouts are prepared! I’d always make backup food if things went south, and I’m urging you to do the same.

I recommend scouts get this awesome grill basket. It’ll help you perfectly cook over campfires or stoves. Whether dinner is chicken, a burger or veggies, grill baskets are great for getting a perfect sear.

I picked this one specifically because it’s easy to carry when camping. You won’t even notice it in your backpack! It’s also durable and heat resistant. While some other models out there don’t work on open flames, the Acmetop grill basket does!