My Top 3 Camp Gear Picks You Can Use At Home During Quarantine

Stuck at home? Miss your troop and all of your friends? I’m with you there.

It’s tough migrating meetings and canceling campouts all of a sudden. But remember: Your sacrifice is protecting our country’s elderly and helping millions of Americans avoid a deadly sickness. What you’re doing will save lives!

Besides, being at home isn’t a guarantee that you’ll miss out on all of the camping fun. In fact, I’ve chosen 3 awesome tools that you can start using from your house right away! Plus, when Scouting starts up again, you’ll even be able to pack these awesome tools to camp.

Once I realized how perfect grill baskets were for making incredible camp food, I just couldn’t stop recommending these to friends. They’re amazing for charred and juicy hotdogs, burgers, and veggies, but can be used to improve practically any type of campfire food!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes my patrol’s food turned out pretty gross. Luckily, scouts are prepared! The Acmetop grill basket will help you perfectly cook over campfires, get a perfect sear, and enjoy your camping meals.

Plus, while stuck at home, you’ll still be able to use your new grill basket over a BBQ grill or neighborhood fire pit! Then, once we can go out again, you can bring it along to camp!

2. Outdoor Clothes And Gear For Family Treks does an amazing job of curating the latest and greatest outdoor essentials. When I was a scout, quite a bit of the gear and outdoor clothing I used was from Backcountry. And now, even today, I’m still one of their loyal customers!

The way I personally find the hidden deals in Backcountry’s collection is by filtering by ‘Sale’ items. Specifically, the Survival, Hiking Clothing, and Hiking&Camping Essentials are great sections I use to find fantastic discounted gear.

Everything Backcountry sells is really high quality, and they have an especially generous 30-day return policy for used items. I’d highly recommend checking out their collection if you’re planning any outdoor activities with family, friends, or your troop!

3. Not Parent Approved
(The Family-Friendly Version of Cards Against Humanity!)

I love playing Cards Against Humanity. In fact, I’ve spent around $100 on expansion packs. Unfortunately, it’s not exactly the type of ‘family friendly’ game that’d I’d want to play together with my parents.

Luckily, Not Parent Approved is the PG-13 version of Cards Against Humanity that your whole family can play together! This game will be an awesome way for your family to pass the time together while stuck indoors. Plus, you could even bring it to scout meetings after quarantine ends!