10 Creative Cub Scout Crafts: Fun Projects for Every Pack

Welcome Cub Scouts, Den Leaders, and lovers of crafts! In this article, I’m going to show you ten of the coolest arts and crafts ideas that are perfect for any Cub Scout pack. From creating holiday decorations, instruments, and even practical items like duct tape wallets, these projects can be planned as a Cub meeting activity or even run during a camp!

What are the best arts and craft projects for Cub Scouts? The best arts and craft projects for Cubs include ideas like wind spirals, duct tape wallets, whittling projects, nature collages, string art, and snow globes. These crafts are affordable, teach skills, fulfill rank requirements, and are perfect for den meetings or camps.

PS. This article is a guest post collaboration with Eagle Scout and AOL recipient, Jonathan K🙂

If you’re worried that some of these crafts might be tough to make, not to fear! I’ve also included directions and video resources so that you’ll be prepared to make these awesome projects with ease. Crafts make for incredible Cub Scouting keepsakes, so let’s dive into some of my favorites!

Below, I’ve put together a quick table of contents to help you jump to any craft that piques your fancy. However, I’d definitely suggest you read through each craft on this list, because different times and locations call for different crafts with your pack:

  1. Wind Spirals
  2. Making a Harmonica
  3. Duct Tape Wallet
  4. Whittling
  5. Nature Collages
  6. God’s Eyes
  7. Holiday Decorations
  8. String Art
  9. Spring Wreath
  10. Snow Globe

If you’re a Cub Scout reading this, make sure to check with an adult before starting any of these crafts yourself. If you’re a den leader, know that all of the projects shared are super affordable. Plus, many of these can even be used to fulfill Cub Scouting rank requirements! So, without further ado, on to the crafts. 😀

Cub Scout Craft #1: Wind Spirals

This popular craft is known by many names, but once you see it, I bet you’ll recognize it! One of the cheapest but coolest crafts on this list, the wind spiral only requires plastic bottles, scissors, and alcohol-based markers. This craft is so simple that Cub Scouts could even make multiple wind spirals during one meeting!

I like this informative tutorial video (3:44) below, as it breaks down what looks like a complex project into a simple, step-by-step process.

Depending on the age of the Cub Scouts, you may want an adult leader doing the cutting after the Scouts color the plastic bottles. This basic project is also great for family campouts with younger siblings. With some bells and other decorations, you can even turn this craft into a wind chime or neat room decoration!

Cub Scout Craft #2: Making a Harmonica

There are lots of different DIY musical instruments that you can make, but I like this video (2:33) on making a harmonica since it looks complex but is actually quite easy. Using only rubber bands, sticks, and paper, Cubs will be able to build and take home their own musical instruments!

The best part about this craft is that it meets the Wolf rank requirement, Air of the Wolf. Making a fun craft and progressing towards the next rank is both fun and educational! The one thing to keep in mind with this craft is that it might require an adult leader to help with properly positioning the paper. 

Cub Scout Craft #3: Duct Tape Wallet

Duct tape can be used for a lot of different crafts, but my favorite is the classic duct tape wallet! There are countless different styles and videos you can follow, but I like this one (5:07) that also includes a helpful timeline so you can skip to the section you need.


This engaging craft takes long enough to keep Scouts busy for a meeting, and they can use the final product in their everyday lives! This is also a good introduction to making wallets, a common leathercraft project they might see later at BSA Scout summer camps. Plus, one roll of duct tape can make at least 5 of these!

Helpful Link: If your Scouts have a blast with these wallets and you want to try out duct tape crafts, Karen Kavett DIY has quite a few fantastic ideas on her YouTube channel!

Cub Scout Craft #4: Whittling

When I was a Cub Scout, whittling was one of my favorite things to do. There are a lot of different whittling projects Scouts can create, from animal statues to walking sticks. This video (12:49) goes over 10 different whittling projects that require only a knife and wood (or a block of soap)! 😀 Here’s an Amazon link to a great whittling kit!

This video will give you some ideas for great whittling projects to try, from simple – like a wand – to complex – like the wizard! For more information on whittling, check out this guide to earning your Whittling ChipAs that guide will remind you, safety is the first priority when learning to whittle!

Cub Scout Craft #5: Nature Collages

If you’re outdoors in a neat spot, there’s no better arts and crafts idea than nature collages! All Cubs will need to do is collect bits of nature in the area, like rocks, sticks, and leaves, and then arrange them in an artistic display. Check out this helpful video (2:29) below for instructions on how to make a nature collage!

This craft idea is extra cool if your pack decides to make a collage at each of the different campsites you visit! You’ll most likely notice changes from place to place, especially in the leaves and minerals the Cubs discover. You can even compare collages afterward! Just be sure to take a picture once finished, because the leaves unfortunately won’t stay looking green forever. 😉

Cub Scout Craft #6: God’s Eye

A classic summer camp craft, the god’s eye design dates back centuries. Using just a few colorful strings and two sticks, you can make an eye-popping design that looks perfect for hanging near a windowsill or around the house! This is a easy but fun craft for both dens and individual Cub Scouts.

Here’s an excellent tutorial video (6:05) on how to make a god’s eye craft.

As you can tell from the tutorial, a making a god’s eye is so simple that practically anyone can participate! Plus, if you’re a den leader, talking about how different colors look better together, and explaining what “warm” and “cool” colors are can even turn making a god’s eye craft into a lesson on color theory. 😀 

Cub Scout Craft #7: Holiday Decorations

If you have the December holidays coming up, decorative crafts are one of the best options out there! This video (6:04) includes lots of simple Scout-themed holiday decorations that are perfect for den activities. The adorable gingerbread designs are my favorite from this collection!

For the wood etching ornaments, the Scouts can draw out a design, and then an adult leader can do the actual etching. Leaders could explain how the etching works, what tools are used, and the safety guidelines for operating an etcher to make it a cool learning experience!

Cub Scout Craft #8: String Art

String art is similar to the god’s eye design, but based on the placement of the nails in the wood, it can be used to make different designs for each Scout. This video (5:05) shows how simple but creative this craft form can be! 

You can try different variations, like using colored rubber bands instead of strings. Because of the need to put the nails into place for the Scouts, this craft has the most prep time out of all the crafts on this list. I think the work is worth it though, as I always enjoyed this craft during my time as a Cub Scout!

Cub Scout Craft #9: Spring Wreath

A simple Cub Scout craft that can be adapted to fit the occasion, making a spring wreath is another fun den activity idea. While it may be called a spring wreath, you can adapt it for any season! As you can tell from the tutorial video (6:51), this craft can be as easy or as complex as you want to make it. 

Be careful — between paint and glitter, this craft can get messy. Still, it’s worth the potential mess for the fun end result, which will be different for every Cub! This is also a great craft for family events where the younger siblings can get involved. 😀

Cub Scout Craft #10: Snow Globes

Something I was never able to make as a Scout, but that I’ve seen become popular in recent years, is snow globes! The Cubs make a simple design to sit at the bottom, and then an adult leader helps with adding the solution. You can keep different sizes and shapes of containers on hand and let Scouts choose their favorite!

This video (5:08) demonstrates how the complicated-sounding craft project can actually be quite easy.

For the “snow,” Cubs can cut out their own designs as well — instead of snowflakes, it can be done with leaves, soccer balls, or yellow rubber duckies! Out of all the crafts, this is the one I still want to make as an adult. 😂 


Spending with your den to work on any of these crafts is fun and can help meet rank requirements. Plus, crafts are a great learning opportunity! For example, when making a god’s eye or a wind spiral, tell the Scouts about color theory. With the snow globe, discuss the reason that objects slowly float in the liquid!

There are so many crafts you can do with your Cub Scouts, and so much potential for learning with each. In addition, many Scouts learn best with hands-on activities! For these reasons and more, I suggest incorporating crafts at least every month or two, depending on your den’s meeting schedule. Have fun, and happy crafting!

Thanks so much for reading. Now that you know all of these cool craft ideas, you’re prepared for fun projects with your den in the near future! Also, if you enjoyed this article, I’d recommend also checking out any of these other awesome posts on ScoutSmarts if they spark your interest:

That’s all for now! Hope to see you back here at ScoutSmarts again soon. Until next time, I’m wishing you and your pack nothing but the best! 🙂


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